Neeraj Kumar Rajput

Position: Senior Project Fellow (GENESIS Project)

I have joined the lab on October 2013 as a project fellow. My main interest lies the area of Image processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, fuzzy logic and multi-dimensional data visualization. I have been working on various projects in the lab. Following is the list of projects with brief description.

BioPhytMol: A drug Discovery Community Resource on Anti-mycobacterial Phytomolecules and Plant Extracts.

We created a multidimensional visualization of physiochemical properties and activity data of all compounds from BioPhytMol compound library which allows to discover new or hidden trends in the data.

A web-based platform for analysis of mtDNA variations fro genotype-phenotype correlations.

We are trying to develop a web-based platform (mitoLINK) which include 4 components -mtSNP score calculations, query-builder, GBrowse and LOVD database containing SNP data. These four modules are interconnected which creates a workflow which can be used for finding the genotype to phenotype correlations.

Journal Publications

  • Rajput NK, Pal A, Walia E, Das C, Khemchandani R, Bhardwaj A. Volumetric Feature Descriptors for Primary Cancer Detection of Brain Metastasis, Proceedings of the India International Science Festival, in press, 2016.
  • Singh V, Rajput NK, Gupta P, Bhardwaj A. Mitochondrial Genomics: Emerging Paradigms and Challenges. Elesvier – Medical and Health Genomics. June 2016.
  • Rajput NK, Singh V and Bhardwaj A. Resources, challenges and way forward in rare mitochondrial diseases research. F1000Research. 2015;4.
  • Sharma A, Dutta P, Sharma M, Rajput NK, Dodiya B, Georrge JJ, Kholia T, Bhardwaj A, and OSDD Consortium. BioPhytMol: a drug discovery community resource on anti-mycobacterial phytomolecules and plant extracts. Journal of cheminformatics 2014 Oct 11;6(1):1.
  • Education

    M.Sc Computer Science from South Asian University

    B.Sc (H) Computer Science from University of Delhi

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