Himanish Raghunath


Position: Project Intern


I joined this lab on January 9, 2014 as a Project Intern and am working on two projects, namely:

GrIn DB – A knowledge based discovery platform for analysing and classifying anti-bacterials

GrIn DB is a web-based resource of compounds that are known inhibitors of gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria or are broad-spectrum in nature. This online platform is designed to enable classification of compounds based on physicochemical properties that inhibit gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Another component of this platform is that it can be used for classification of novel compounds as gram positive, gram negative, or broad-spectrum inhibitors. It is expected to facilitate discovery of compounds with specificity to different bacterial classes in addition to identification of broad spectrum inhibitors. GrIn DB as a platform may be further extended to mechanistically study the reasons for drug resistance and offer analysis tools to explore new chemical space to address this global issue of anti-microbial resistance.

Evaluating the impact of global initiatives working on Tuberculosis (TB)

To evaluate the impact of global organizations working on Tuberculosis (TB). These organizations may either be involved in spreading awareness, provide funding, perform research, etc. on TB.


B.Tech. – Biotechnology from NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan

Schooling from Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi

Contact Me:

Gmail: himanishrag@gmail.com


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