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India international science festival 2015

iisf AB-OpenLab Members @ IISF2015

Pooja Gupta presenting her work on ‘Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts’: Exploiting the Glucose Avidity of Tumor Stroma to Deliver Metabolic Inhibitors via Trojan Horse Nanocapsules” – Paper Code – Ind Science 55

Research projects of Neeraj K Rajput and Vivek Sharma are selected for poster presentation at the IISF2015. 

The details are as follows:

1. Volumetric Feature Descriptors for Primary Cancer Detection of Brain Metastasis – in the category of Integrated Healthcare including Innovative Diagnostic Aids – Paper code - Integrated Health 96

2. PhytHIV: A Repository of anti-HIV Phytomolecules - Indigenous Science & Technology – Paper Code - Ind Science 127

All are welcome.

RSC-OSDD Ambassador Meet 13-14 September 2014

RSC-OSDD Ambassador

Meet is scheduled on 13-14th September 2014 to discuss the feedback from Ambassador’s visit to various labs. The meeting is scheduled at OSDD Research Unit, Bangalore, India.

Drug Discovery India 2014

The 2nd Annual

International Conference and Exhibition focusing on Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD), Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Molecular Modeling, Novel Approaches, Techniques and Technologies for Drug Design and Discovery. Focus will be the use of Interdisciplinary Approaches for optimizing the discovery and development of new molecular entities, collaborative research amongst interdisciplinary academic/research centers, government agencies and pharmaceutical industry.