About Anshu Bhardwaj Lab (AB Lab)

Welcome to AB-openlab,
As the name suggests, the lab is open to anyone interesting in solving scientific problems innovatively. You dont have to be a science graduate for doing so!!
Currently, we work on various projects with the common goal of finding newer and innovative ways for finding new therapeutics for neglected and rare diseases. This includes generating data for systems level modeling, predicting drug-like compounds, understanding the pharmacokinetics of anti-TB drugs for drug re-purposing with specific emphasis on host genotype, classification of anti-bacterials, to name a few. We also make attempt to understand the genome variation in context of disease association studies specially for Human Mitochondrial DNA which are known to be involved in rare diseases. The objective is to understand the molecular basis of disease biology and use the same to identify unknown indications for known drugs.
We pioneered design and development of unique platforms for community collaboration to harness collective intelligence by facilitating data-sharing and linking it with tools for better interpretation.
Recently, we have also made attempts to understand the scope of using electronics for developing affordable devices for education and research. We plan to scale this effort to medical frontiers. Anyone interested in designing low-cost devices for benefit of society in context of education, research and medical-care may please contact AB.
Anshu Bhardwaj
Wishing all my Students and Teachers a Very Happy Teachers Day who taught me the meaning of Mentorship & Guidance 

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