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India international science festival 2015

iisf AB-OpenLab Members @ IISF2015

Pooja Gupta presenting her work on ‘Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts’: Exploiting the Glucose Avidity of Tumor Stroma to Deliver Metabolic Inhibitors via Trojan Horse Nanocapsules” – Paper Code – Ind Science 55

Research projects of Neeraj K Rajput and Vivek Sharma are selected for poster presentation at the IISF2015. 

The details are as follows:

1. Volumetric Feature Descriptors for Primary Cancer Detection of Brain Metastasis – in the category of Integrated Healthcare including Innovative Diagnostic Aids – Paper code - Integrated Health 96

2. PhytHIV: A Repository of anti-HIV Phytomolecules - Indigenous Science & Technology – Paper Code - Ind Science 127

All are welcome.