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Structure Search

SARS-Cov-2 Inhibitor Structure Search Form

SAVIOR allow users to find similar molecules matches with default Tanimoto coefficient >0.80 in following databases:-

Database NameNumber of Compounds/EntriesDownload Date/Last Update
SAVIOR Database URL75011-June-2020
Pathogen Box dataset URL40008-June-2020
Prestwick Chemical Library URL15292019
NCATS Compound Library URL589008-June-2020
PostEra dataset URL619804-June-2020
CAS database URL4943019-May-2020
COlleCtion of Open NatUral producTs(COCONUT) URL41290328-May-2020
User may submit a single molecule using any of the three options provided.
Please choose only one option at a time. 1) Draw using JSME editor, 2) Paste SMILES, 3) Upload SDF/MOL/MOL2 file

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