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Open repository and drug-like profiling of anti-COVID-19 compounds in light of host-pathogen interactions

There is a sudden increase in the number of publications related to COVID-19 inhibitors not only in Pubmed but also in BioRxiv, ChemRxiv and other preprint servers. There are also several open source projects and open challenges that are launched during this period to identify either new drug candidates or repurpose existing ones for COVID-19. However, there is no single platform to review or analyze the datasets/inhibitors reported across these resources making it difficult to comprehend the chemical space that is being evaluated as potential drugs for COVID-19. In addition, the potential target-space is not systematically mapped with the proposed chemical space.

To ensure that community participation leads to reproducible and reliable results, we made protocols for search, data curation and data analysis.



Search: For paper searching and scoring protocols, please refer to the document below

Curation: SAVIOR team follows a pre-defined data structure to curate information from literature



You are welcome you to join this initiative

Please, use this form if you’d like to contribute to the development of the knowledgebase

We have set up a Slack channel to discuss curation, analysis and team assignments, contact anshu@imtech.res.in for invitation to join.

Curation has started!!! A team of lead curators are already sharing the articles and data using a dedicated Google Doc (a LIVE document).

The group is public-by-invitation to allow participation.

We have weekly meetings with the Community to track progress and to synergise the efforts of the community.

If you wish to participate, please join the slack channel to receive updates.

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